Ali Asghar Gharehbaghi

He learned from Cezanne that nature could be abstracted into geometrical shapes. Symbolism showed him the power of mental distortions. He learned from PICASSO about architectural composition and besides all these, he was familiar with a viewpoint that would rip the art.


Ferederik Carver

While Faramarzi s work primarily reflects his love of nature, his work also incorporates urban life, such as metropolitan Tehran. His figurative images, reflect his unique composition and separating them from other elements of the painting is not possible.


parviz kalantari

That something is the "essence of visual beauty”, that the painter is seeking through simplified abstract forms. In this continual search, the artist obsessively looks to the basic structure of his forms in order to achieve his favorite composition.


Sadegh Barirani

Faramarzi is in search of more capacities of texture, unprecedented in works of other painters. He is traversing a path not taken before.


Aidin Aghdashlou

The thick colors and parallel and twisted surfaces with golden and silvery colors create views in the mind, not in the eyes, of the persons that are combined from very simple and summarized elements.


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