Ali Asghar Gharehbaghi

Whatever he learnt from his own experiences developed his style of painting and made him a self-teaching painter. The path that was paved by FARAMARZI with hardship passes through many artistic experiences trials and ends to life. He learned from impressionist that objects change their shapes in different lights.
He learned from Cezanne that nature could be abstracted into geometrical shapes. Symbolism showed him the power of mental distortions. He learned from PICASSO about architectural composition and besides all these, he was familiar with a viewpoint that would rip the art.
FARAMARZI's paintings are placed around three main axes of nature, city and human beings. He always wants to get nearer to the emotional contents and hidden reality behind the appearances of forms and elements of nature and man and express the same reality. He applies simplicity of nature and Man and expresses the same reality. HE applies simplicity and abstraction designing, tries to display the main and fundamental element without any imagination, and illustrates the visual equivalents of an abstract and brief nature. His design sketches are in such form that it seems he has drawn them all in one moment and whatever sketches are in such form that it seems he has drawn them all in one moment whatever sketches that have and architectural nature, are seen and perceived in the same way.

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