The role of art in environmental crises


The role of art in environmental crises

The role of art in environmental crises

Thursday 28 April, at 9 pm. 1230 pm EDT

How does art have an impact on raising public awareness about environmental crises?

We did not feel the consequences of environmental crises in our life, and we have taken environmentalists' explanations just as a simple warning in the past. But recently, some harmful environmental disasters have happened by human activities such as deforestation, drought, and air pollution. Even Some parts of the world have become uninhabitable.

For instance, in the past, just some specific cities in Iran suffered from air pollution, or just in winter and autumn, people faced this problem. Nowadays, people who live in Iran can not take their breath easily throughout the year. Even people can not find places with high air quality and escape there.

We ask ourselves, do we have any opportunities to improve this situation? Or does rescue of these environmental crises impossible?

While environmentalists encourage people to save nature and the Earth, some artists attempt to persuade people to preserve the environment. Artists do that through their artworks and by making environmental disasters understandable through images. Ali Faramarzi is one of the Iranian artists and visual art critic who encourages his artworks audiences to think about the challenges of the environment and the consequences of disordering in the ecosystem.

Specifically, in his three work periods, we can see his emphasis on air pollution. He predicted today's environmental disaster in the invasion, desert, and city series.

In the upcoming online conversation with Ali Faramarzi and the other artists, we will investigate the role of artists and their impact on increasing public awareness of environmental crises.

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