Ali Faramarzi was born in Tehran, Iran in 1951. He started his early private art classes in 1969 and in 1976 won the youngest artists Scholarship; it was at the moment he had been received the youngest artist Award by the Former Queen of Iran a year ago. 1979 was not the end of his success as he won a Scholarship from Rome Academy. His Second group Exhibition took place in 1980 at the Tehran Museum of contemporary art. After a while, in 1982 one of his dreams come true by establishing “Ali Faramarzi Visual Arts Courses” in hometown, Tehran, Iran. Ali Faramarzi‘s Lectures and workshops at Stanford University on May 16, 2012, led him to receive a Certificate of Appreciation from ‘’Stanford University’’. 2012 was the year of several solo exhibitions and speeches in CA, USA; Lectures in “Iran Utterance association”; There is no doubt that some of his works are at a level of artistic value that was sold at several times (2015- 2016- 2019) the base price in the three periods of their presence in the Tehran auction In 2017, he was awarded a first-class art certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Ministry of Science In 2017, a book called Ali Faramarzi's Notes (Visual Arts in Written Media) was published from him. Also in 2020, a selected book of his works has been published


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