parviz kalantari

You see huge number of these works that have been simplified as "tree, window and house”, in order to show us something which is the eventual aim of the painter, with a minor hint. That something is the "essence of visual beauty”, that the painter is seeking through simplified abstract forms. In this continual search, the artist obsessively looks to the basic structure of his forms in order to achieve his favorite composition. In fact, he demands the structure of his work in brevity and briefness. He is in age that naturally he leans towards "minimalism" away from ornamentation and loquacity. Such age that one naturally avoids loquacity and ostentation. FARAMARZI, away from the roars and fuss that overshadows the artistic atmosphere, is busy evolving the creation of his works in his solitude and by a dignity that suits his age.  Our conversation about simplification (stylization) and the complication which is hidden in this simplicity prolonged. The topic that dealt with the mind of the man that has reached confliction from simplicity is simplifiers the matters in order to understand them.

May 2000

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