Ali Faramarzi was born in Tehran, Iran in 1950. He started his early private art classes in 1969 and in

1976 won the youngest  artists Scholarship; it was at the moment he had been received youngest artist

Award by Former Queen of Iran a year ago.

There was no surprise that he committed his first group Exhibition in 1977; two years later in 1979 he

received the Encouragement Letter from Tehran Museum of art for Revival of the Museum; in the same

year Ali Faramarzi held his first Workshop at Museum of Modern Art. It took one year of hard work and

love of art; he created a magnificent art work with size of 4meter. 6meter and was unveiled by President

of that time.

Actually, 1979 was not the end of his success as he won a Scholarship from Rome Academy. His Second

group Exhibition took place in 1980 at the Tehran Modern Art Museum. After a while in 1982 one of his

dreams came true with establishing “Ali Faramarzi Visual Arts Courses” in home town, Tehran, Iran.

His expertise in visual art training made him another great opportunity; He began to educate trainees in

Iran‐Italy cultural Association in 1984. All these steps never would go to the perfection for such a hard

working artist without establishing his own private gallery; 1986 ended to born “Faramarzi Art Gallery”.

In 1988 he held his solo exhibition and 3rd group exhibition in Tehran Museum of Contemporary art.

First Painting Association in Iran had a chance to have him as a Member of the board of directors in

1997. He was chosen as one of the best member of the board of directors of Gallery owner in Tehran

Expo 2004.

In 2007 he was known as honorable professor of the Sooreh University in Tehran that made his

academic passion more clear. Next year in 2008 he committed his last workshop at the Museum of

Modern Art in Tehran, Iran.

So far, he has held totally 26 solo exhibitions in Tehran and other countries, such as Qatar, Singapore,

Pakistan, Italy, South Korea, China and North America; and attended over 51 group exhibitions both in

Tehran, Iran and other countries for instance North America, Qatar and Pakistan.

Ali Faramarzi ‘s Lectures and workshops at the Stanford University on May, 16, 2012 led him to receive

Certificate of Appreciation from Stanford University. 2012 was the year of several solo exhibitions and

speech in CA, USA; Lectures in “Iran Utterance association”; Solo Exhibitions at the Seyhoun Gallery and

M Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. There is no doubt which his art works are a collection of master pieces

that’s why in 2015 he was invited to Tehran Auction.

Besides, his performances through visual art and specifically, drawing and painting, Ali Faramarzi is a  one of the main Iranian Contemporary Painting Critics; He has

published over 100 Articles on some major Newspapers and Magazines about Visual Art in Iran.

Painting brings nonexistent into life

Ali Faramarzi


Ali Faramarzi

1950  Born in Tehran Iran

1969  His first lesson in art at the private classes

1976  winning the Scholarship of the young artist

1977  First group exhibition

1979  Letter of encouragement from Tehran museum of art for revival of the museum

1979  Work shop at the   museum of modern art

1979  Winning Scholarship from Rome academy

1980  Group exhibition in Tehran modern art museum

1982  Establishing his own classes for visual art in Tehran

1984  Professor of painting classes in Iran & Italy association

1986  Establishing Faramarzi art gallery

1997  Becoming member of the board of directors in first painting association

2001 Becoming member of the board of directors in first gallery association

2007  Professor of the Sooreh University

2007  Becoming honorable   professor of the Sooreh University in Tehran

2008  His last work shop at the  museum of modern art

26 solo exhibition in Tehran and other countries

51 group exhibitions both in Tehran and other countries

2012 Lectures and workshops at the Stanford University

2012  Certificate of Appreciation from Stanford University

2012 lectures in Iranian utterance club in California

2012 solo exhibition at the Seyhoun gallery in LA

2012 solo exhibition at the M gallery in Californiaa

2015 associate in Tehran auction

Writing more than 100 essay in the newspapers   and magazines  about visual art